Why is My Ping So High

Why is My Ping So High
Why is My Ping So High

If you are a gamer, you know how much pain a high ping can cause. For those who don’t understand what PING (Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper) means, it measures latency or how quickly the signals are sent from and received to your device.

While we always say the more, the better, when it comes to ping, it should always be the less, the merrier. To make this more sense in gaming, Ping is the time taken by the game to know your moves.

For those wondering “why my ping is so high”, below are a few reasons for the high ping and solutions to lower your ping.

Why is My Ping So High

The main reason for a high ping is slow internet connection speeds. If your internet speed is less, the ping will increase. Even if you have a faster internet connection, there might be still some reasons for higher ping. We have mentioned all the reasons for High Ping and how you can solve it.

1. Check Your Internet Speed

If you have a slow internet connection, there will be a high chance that you might face a high ping issue. Try changing the connection or upgrading to a higher internet speed plan can solve the ping issues.

You can run internet speed tests using Ookla or Fast. While checking your internet speed, if you are using a wifi connection, check if your Router, Modem and ethernet cable are of the latest versions. Outdated hardware may not be able to handle faster internet speeds resulting in high ping.

2. Use Wired Connection

Choosing a wired connection is better than a wireless connection if you want low ping for gaming. Wireless internet connection is not as consistent as wired. If you choose a wired connection, the priority should be toward a fibre connection since it can carry information faster when compared to cable and DSL connections.

3. Make Sure there is no issue with the Router

A Router is a device that connects your device with the Modem to access the Internet. Make sure you use a good router compatible with your Modem and your device. Update the firmware and check where you have placed your Router.

Make sure to put it close to the device you access the Internet. You can also clear the cache on your Router and Modem and see if the ping is less.

4. Check if All Wires are Connected

Before checking the other methods:

  • Try checking the wires connected to the Router and wall box.
  • Make sure you have connected all cables fully instead of just putting them there.
  • Double-check all the cables connected to your device and Router and see if you were able to solve the issue.

5. Check The Device Used to Access The Internet

If you have a good router, Modem and Internet connection and are still facing ping issues, you need to check if there are any issues with your device used to access the Internet. Try connecting another device with your Router and check if you are facing ping issues with it.

6. Turn On and Off the Router

The most tried and tested method; turn off and then turn on your Router to see if you can get a faster internet connection. Other than Router, do the same for the Modem and the device you are using to access the Internet.

7. Check if the Number Of Devices Connected

Every Routers and Modem can only connect a specific number of devices and maintain low ping. If the number of devices connected increases, it may affect the internet speeds and results in a higher ping. Try disconnecting the other devices and only connect with one device to see if you are getting better internet speeds.

8. Change In-game Settings

If you are playing the game in high settings, it will use more Internet to load data and can affect the ping. Try reducing the graphics and other settings and see if you can get faster internet speeds.

9. Turn Off Background Running Programs

Activities running in the can access your internet connection and slow down the speeds. You need to make sure you have cleared all the background apps and check if you are getting better speeds.

10. Disable Auto Updates

If you have turned on auto-updates on your Phone and PC, you need to stop them immediately. Services like these run in the background and affect the internet connection speeds, affecting your gaming experience.

11. Contact your Internet Service Provides (ISP)/ Game Developer

If none of the solutions that we have mentioned here has been helping you, try contacting your Internet Service Provider and mention the issue you are facing. If the issue is not from your side, you need to contact the game developers and report the problem you are facing.


How do I lower my ping?

There are many reasons you face a high ping issue with your devices. You can look at our detailed article and find the right solution for you.

Is 200 ping good?

The best ping is 98m/s. But if you are getting an average ping of 200ms, it is not much of an issue. Anything above 320ms will affect your gaming experience. You can do some tweaks mentioned in our article to reduce Ping and get a better gaming experience.

Is 800 ping bad?

If you are gaming, then anything above 300ms ping is terrible. You can check our detailed guide on reducing ping to less than 98ms, which is excellent for gaming.

Can You Get 0 ping?

Ping is the time taken by your device to contact the servers. If the ping is 0, there is no data transmission, so there is no use. You can reduce ping close to 0ms by following our detailed guide.

Final Words

Low Ping is a high priority for gamers and those who stream video content in high quality. We have mentioned different ways to reduce the ping and get great gaming or streaming experience. You can check all these methods and see how much they have helped you reduce Ping.

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