How to Fix GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003

GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 1

Although it has several driver and game compatibility issues, the NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a useful software utility for NVIDIA GPUs. But occasionally, some problems cause issues to NVIDIA apps from working, preventing you from using all of the GeForce Experience’s capabilities.

For instance, a typical problem that prevents many games and GeForce from opening is the GeForce Error Code 0X0003. Thankfully, there are ways to fix the error code and we have explained the working ones in this article.

Why Does the NVIDIA GeForce Experience 0X0003 Error Appear?

The primary cause of error code 0x0003 is due to the malfunctioning of NVIDIA drivers. Sometimes the previously corrupted files still present in the installation directories prevent the upgraded drivers from successfully fixing the problem.

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience software is excellent for game optimization, screen recording, and obtaining graphics card driver updates regularly. Hence the GeForce experience is crucial for your GPU, and this error can cause frustration to most gamers and video editors.

The other few reasons that can generate this error are outdated drivers, fault in the network adapter, and a corrupted Windows update.

Fix Nvidia GeForce Error Code 0x0003

1. Disable or Close All NVIDIA aGeForce Tasks and Relaunch The GeForce Experience app.

You can resolve the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 by restarting the application after you end all the associated processes. As a result, we’ve included instructions below on how to stop all GeForce tasks which might be running in the background and how to restart the GeForce Experience app on your PC.

1. To open the Task Manager, simultaneously use the Shift + Ctrl + Esc keys.

2. Find and select all the tasks running in the background related to NVIDIA, and then choose End task, located in the bottom right corner.

Task Manager NVIDIA Container

3. You can again open the app by right-clicking the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application and selecting the Run as administrator option.

Check whether the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 is fixed.

2. Reset the Network Adapter

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience app is always connected to the internet when running to link its connection with the NVIDIA servers. So, there’s always a chance that your Internet connection might be at fault, and this error can arise due to that. So, to fix this particular issue, you can reset your network adapter. Here are the steps to do the same.

1. Press Win + R simultaneously. It will open the Windows Run menu.

2. Next in the command box, type cmd,and press Enter

3. You may get a prompt asking if you want to run this program as an administrator. Click on Ok to open it then.

4. Now, type netsh winsock reset in the command window and hit Enter.

5. Now, the command window will process the entered command to reset the network adapter. When it’s done, close the window.

After this process, restart your Windows PC and rerun the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app to see whether the problem persists.

3. Allow NVIDIA Telemetry Services to interact with the Desktop

The Nvidia Telemetry service keeps records of your system information and transmits it to Nvidia’s servers. Although it’s a valuable feature that ensures your computer works smoothly with Nvidia’s drivers and updates, the Nvidia Telemetry service can also cause an error code of 0x0003 if it cannot communicate with the desktop app.

The Nvidia Telemetry service has gradually been installed with other NVIDIA services over the years. However, if you are still using a very old version of Nvidia GeForce Experience, below are the steps to fix this problem.

1. Press Win + R. Then, in the Windows Run command box, type, services.msc, and hit Enter.

2. A pop-up may occur. Hit OK. After this Windows Services program will open.

3. Next, locate Nvidia Telemetry services by scrolling down below.

NVIDIA Services

4. After you find it, right-click on it and select Properties.

5. Now, check the Allow service to interact with the desktop tab in the Log On tab.

6. After that, click on Apply and then Ok.

Start NVIDIA Services

After this is done, restart your PC. After the computer is booted up, open the GeForce experience app to check for errors.

4. Reinstall all NVIDIA components once again.

According to some users who have faced this issue, the problem wasn’t fixed until they reinstalled GeForce Experience and all of the Nvidia drivers once again. The users also claimed that after performing this and rebooting their computer, the GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 stopped happening.

So this fix is the way to go if you want to eliminate this error without any hassles. Let us look at how we can do so

1. Open Control Panel and then search for Uninstall a Program.

Uninstall NVIDIA Program

2. Locate each Nvidia application in the Programs and Features section, then uninstall each one of them one by one.


3. After that, restart your PC.

4. Then download the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app once again from this link.

Perform a Clean installation

Once the download is finished, reinstall the GeForce Experience once again. Now reinstall the latest drivers associated with your graphic card once again. Now open the GeForce Experience app once again to see if the problem still persists or is eliminated.

5. Download and Install Windows Updates

It often turns out that a flawed Windows Update is the sore reason for such problems. If that’s the case, you can check for the latest Windows updates because Microsoft releases timely updates to eliminate all such issues. So, below are the steps to update the NVIDIA drivers via Windows Update in Windows 10 and 11.

1. Press Win + I and open Windows Settings Menu.

2. Then search for updates in the search bar located in the top left corner.

3. Click on Check for Updates.

Windows Updates

4. If any update is available, download and install the update.

5. After the update is successfully downloaded and installed, Restart your PC.

After all the above steps, you can check whether the problem is eliminated. So all the fixes for the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 on Windows 10 and the most recent Windows 11 were all listed above. We hope you can eliminate the error via any of the above fixes.


What does NVIDIA GeForce error code 0x0003 mean?

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience error number 0x0003 indicates that the driver files for your graphics card are corrupt and that NVIDIA GeForce Experience cannot identify them. Hence if you try to open the GeForce Experience application, it will not open and come up with this error.

Can you reinstall GeForce Experience app?

Yes, you can reinstall the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app once again if you feel the current version of the app is unable to open due to error code 0x0003 error.

Is NVIDIA GeForce Experience app free to download?

Yes, the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app is entirely free to download from the NVIDIA official website.

Is it safe to download drivers from the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app?

Yes, it is safe, indeed. The drivers on the website are sometimes months out of date because manufacturers only provide WHQL versions of the drivers. Hence, it is recommended to download drivers from the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app for the latest driver versions of your graphic card.

Final words

The Nvidia GeForce Experience is an excellent gaming and streaming tool. However, if the application gives the 0x0003 error at the start, it can ruin your whole experience of recording and broadcasting games.

Restarting the Nvidia services is the approach where you should start. However, if it still doesn’t fix the problems, you can now definitely, find a solution with the above methods.

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