Best Free IP Stresser in 2023

Best Free IP Stresser
Best Free IP Stresser

To test the webserver involves pushing a tremendous amount of traffic through which it can be assured that the provided services will be able to cope with a surge in demand on your website.

This can be attested by two methods:- either get generated traffic or try to capture and replay the previously experienced traffic at a higher concurrency to check the load testing traffic on your demand.

Load testing isn’t just conducted to check if it can handle a lot of connection requests at a sufficient capacity but it’s also there to ensure the interactive elements work flawlessly even if five people are loading the same functionality on the website at that moment. 

In that case, IP Stressers can be your best friend. Most of the IP stressers are mostly paid and are not working which increases the hassle of finding the perfect tool which should be functional and free as well.

Free IP Stresser

Do keep in mind that since they’re best in class, after a trial period you need to switch to the membership exclusive plan as well. But, if you’re a one-time user then the mentioned software will ease your task. In this article, we’ll be looking forward to the four best IP Stressers for free in 2022. 

1. Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud

Micro Focus is a highly-decorated software product which persists in this business for more than 45 years. Since it’s a reputable company, you’re safe using this IP stresser at your end. It’s a simple, smart, and scalable cloud-based load and performance testing solution that is developed by agile and DevOps teams.

It aids in detecting performance issues to verify whether your device and web applications are ready for the load. This service is a part of a LoadRunner product line which includes testing services for other activities as well, such as the CI/CD pipeline.

Key Features:

  • Available in free version
  • can generate traffic of up to 5 million virtual users
  • Based on AI analysis
  • Scripted Walk-throughs for better understanding
  • Can test specific elements alongside

This free service is capable of generating traffic for 50 virtual users (VUs). Keep this in consideration that most of the Web servers are calibrated which restricts not serving more than 50 connection requests at the same interval. Not every web server is capable of serving multiple requests concurrently. In most the IP stressers, the queue of 50 requests is way too long and this service is capable of aligning 50 virtual users.


  • Cloud-based tool
  • Offers a free version
  • Uses virtual users
  • AI-based analysis


  • Could benefit from more visual reporting

LoadRunner Cloud can perform 10 free IP stressers tests with a 30-day free trial subscription.

2. LoadNinja 

LoadNinja is a cloud-based platform that offers synthetic transaction tests to load test web applications which also acts as an IP stressers. It delivers a combination of efficiency and accuracy to check the capacity of a Web server.

Key Features:

  • Ability to record and replay a test run
  • Wide variety of different browsers and locations
  • Server traffic volume testing
  • To tests APIs

The LoadNinja dashboard brings some functional graphical representation of a metrics range which includes function tracing as well as resource usage. This tool is useful for testing APIs and well-suited for acceptance testers, developers as well as IPT operations technicians.


  • An easy to learn web-based interface
  • Includes code-free scripting and features that even non-technical users can flexibly use.
  • Work with real-time browsers to test capacity load, delivering a more accurate look at capacity and load balance capabilities.
  • Supports API testing.


  • A longer trial period would be much more appreciated.

The LoadNinja comes with a 14-day free trial subscription. However, it comes with three subscription plans which bring 100, 1,000, and 2,500 VUs per test which is more expensive than the Micro Focus which delivers millions of Vus available to try on websites. In general, 50 VUs are more than enough to check the Web server’s capacity limit.

3. LoadView by Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor is an established and well-known developer of Web monitoring tools which is available on the internet. They announced Loadview as a separate brand that focuses on the ability to bring stress testing for web services and websites.

Key Features:

  • Can test traffic capacity
  • Have an option for 10 test launch locations
  • Bring a choice of 40 devices for the test launch

This cloud-based service can run scripts with the help of thousands of browsers on its server which brings a true reflection of real users accessing your website or server. It sends all the generated traffic to the customers which means that the traffic isn’t just sent as data to the server. This service console adds live-feedback support on access attempts and displays analytical graphs which include waterfall charts as well.


  • Monitor website traffic as well as support for the infrastructure.
  • Highly customizable and great alert templates.
  • Capable of monitoring page load speeds and can alert to SLA breaches
  • Gives $20 of free credits to welcome the new users to its portal


  • The price is slightly higher than the other tools that are available in the market.

LoadView provides free credits up to $20 to conduct your first test along with a 30-day free trial on any of the subscription plans you’re going to avail. The subscription can be taken by the monthly or annual rate plan but do keep in mind that they ask for the whole subscription fee in advance. The most affordable subscription plan of this service costs $199 for a month and $1,895 for a year’s subscription model.


Flood io is a cloud-based platform that issues IP stressers tests for web services as well as for websites. This service also packs in a test builder and it’s also possible to upload a script to execute it during the test. These scripts can be written in various languages and i.e, Apache JMeter, Gatling, or Selenium. 

Key Features:

  • To test script builder
  • Features of giving live feedback to the company
  • Free test allocation every month’s slot.

This service can also help in to set up the request connections and is capable of testing VUs to check the overall durability of a website. They ensure that the generation of VU doesn’t hamper the security of the website.

It brings an option to spectate the test live while monitoring all the performance metrics which have been gathered from the website in a statistical form of data. 


  • Intuitive and simple reporting and graphical representation
  • Supports scripted testing in various available languages
  • Have the ability to  view the test live and monitor results


  • Not the best solution for larger websites that are seeking a more complex testing solution.

It offers 500 VU hours for free every month. Afterwards, you need to pay a metered rate for VU hours. These 500VU hours will let you use without any prior cost.


What is IP Stressers? 

The term ‘Stressers’ is derived from ‘Stress Tester’. The IP Stressers check the availability of the web portal and the maximum capacity of its webserver to respond to the number of requests it could receive and handle without any hiccups. Load testing and stress testing are the terms that are associated with Web technology.

What are the best IP Stressers? 

While hunting for an IP stresser, it’s as same as walking on a land filled with landmines; you’ll be dealing with various hackers who threaten other victims by performing DDoS attacks and for stopping such activities, they highly demand money to stop such practices. This states that you just can’t rely on any recommended result on a Google search using the term IP stresser. With that, we’ve enlisted the Top 4 best IP stressers for the year 2022.

Final Words

With that, this winds up our top 4 Best IP Stressers for free in 2022. These applications will help you to avoid the DDoS attacks which are performed by the hackers for the sake of providing an IP stress test for your website as all four of them belong to reputed or famous developers.

All of the software which is mentioned above is not free but comes with a trial period through which you can get your job done by performing an IP stress test for checking the stability of your web server or website.

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